Punk Ethics is a collective dedicated to promoting the progressive side of the punk attitude. Through campaigns, events and solidarity actions, we work to make punk as an art form into a social movement.

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Punks Against Sweatshops

Punk Ethics launches a campaign to kick sweatshops out of the punk scene!

Punk has a proud history of singing about social justice and standing up for the oppressed.

Millions of people around the world, including children, work in the garment industry in sweatshop conditions.

T-shirts are a major part of the global punk scene, but how often do we think about the people that made them or the conditions they were made in?

Garment workers in sweatshops earn poverty wages, in unhealthy and dangerous conditions, face daily harassment; physical, mental, emotional, even sexual abuse is extremely common.

Singing about injustice in society while selling t-shirts made in sweatshops is plain hypocrisy. We are all guilty of it, but it’s time to make a change.

Punk Ethics is calling on bands to pledge to sell ethical t-shirts and kick sweatshops out of punk!

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