In 2015 Punk Ethics joined forces with the legendary activist comedian, Mark Thomas, to lead a rag-tail band of punks down to Southbank’s muddy foreshore in the heart of London, to make a statement about the ever increasing loss of access to public space and to put on a show that has gone down in history as the first ever punk gig on the beach of the River Thames.

Protesting against encroaching gentrification, social cleansing and the corporate take over of public space, hundreds from London’s underground punk scene gathered to listen to the aggressive chords of  Flowers of Flesh & Blood and the legendary Oi Polloi and stand up together to reclaim a small part of the city; taking it back “blade of grass by blade of grass, paving stone by paving stone, grain of sand by grain of sand”.

This is punk rock on the Thames, this is Trespass!

A Film by Kim Ford and Ross Double – Leaf Films

In 2016 we came back and did it again!

More than just a gig, this was a protest! In solidarity with the TCOS campaign to stop the Garden Bridge, an unwanted waste of public resources being pushed through by the rich and powerful, that threatens to tear up the Southbank, three generations of London punk bands came together to bring protest punk to the heart of the capital; up and coming youngsters, SHOT and London’s street punk legends, The Restarts, joined the mighty Conflict and hundreds of punks in making a stand on the beach of the River Thames.

Leaf Film Production 2017