Punk Ethics works in solidarity with No Sweat

This is no moral crusade,this is Punk Rock Social Justice. And to prove that we practice what we preach, Punk Ethics has teamed up with the anti-sweatshop campaign, No Sweat, to help source ethical t-shirts.

No Sweat is a grassroots campaign group that fights for the rights of sweatshop workers. No Sweat believes that workers should have control of their workplace, either through collective control as part of a trade union, or through collective ownership as part of a co-operative.

No Sweat T-shirts are made in workers’ co-operatives, under ethical conditions, where workers earn a Living Wage and have democratic control of their work.

The profits from No Sweat T-shirts go back into the No Sweat campaign, fighting for the rights of sweatshop workers around the globe and helping them take control of their workplaces and create independent trade unions.

That is social justice, that is a truly ethical t-shirt, that is punk ethics.

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No Sweat T-shirt
Kyaw Kyaw from Burmese punk band The Rebel Riot wearing No Sweat t-shirt