Punks Against Sweatshops

It’s time to kick sweatshops out of the punk scene!

Since the early days of punk rock, progressive attitudes have been an important part of it means to be punk. Songs denouncing oppression, racism, sexism, and authority have inspired generation after generation of punk rebels. Wayward kids took to heart the DIY mantra, making their own shows, records, zines, and t-shirts…. especially t-shirts.

T-shirts have become an important part of the punk scene; a mark of identity in the world, a show of support for the bands we love, and a personal momentum of every show we attend along the way. But punks don’t make t-shirts, garment workers do! And garment workers around the world are often forced to work in some of the worst conditions. Whether it’s over zealous foremen denying workers basic human rights, excessive hours for low pay, death trap working conditions, or even sexual harassment, the stories of sweatshop garment factories are well known.

So why do we still have sweatshop-made t-shirts in the punk scene?

When you buy or sell a t-shirt made in a sweatshop, by someone paid pennies for their work in hellish conditions, you spit in the face of punk.

This shit ends now! 

Punk Ethics is calling on all bands to take up the pledge to kick sweatshops out of the punk scene and source t-shirts from ethical sources. Punk Ethics is calling on every punk to make sure the band t-shirts you hand over your hard earned cash for isn’t tainted with the sweat of an exploited worker.